Programs of Study by Pathway

Choose Your Pathway

Find your way to a successful career by selecting a pathway below based on your interests and goals. You can complete an associate degree, certificate or credit diploma, as well as prepare for transferring to a university. There are also two bachelor degree options.

agriculture and equine pathway icon

Agriculture & Equine

Interested in careers related to agriculture, food or natural resources? Students in the Agriculture & Equine Pathway can explore many industry opportunities related to plants and food production, business and technical skills, as well as raising and training animals.

business and finance pathway icon

Business & Accounting

Prepare for a career in the global economy with the Business & Accounting Pathway. Students gain accounting, financial and management skills to help employers and organizations function efficiently and plan for the future.

communication and creative arts pathway icon

Communication & Creative Arts

If you have a passion for creating, performing or sharing your ideas, the Communication & Creative Arts Pathway may be a great choice for you. These programs study human creativity and communication, while providing hands-on methods of expression, with options for a variety of careers.

healthcare and wellness pathway icon

Health Sciences & Wellness

Ready to learn skills to improve people’s lives, keep them healthy, and assist in emergencies? Explore the Health Sciences & Wellness Pathway. To meet the expanding demand for qualified health professionals, these programs combine classroom instruction, laboratory experience and clinical practice to assure that students obtain current, high-level skills.

human and social sciences pathway icon

Human & Public Services

Explore how people think, feel and interact, both as individuals and as groups. Students in this pathway learn about discovering the past, solving social issues, teaching, improving quality of life, and planning for the future. Those who thrive while helping others may find this pathway ideal.

science technology engineering and math pathway icon

Information Technology

Information Technology is a rapidly-growing, high-demand area that supports nearly all industries. It applies technology such as computer software, hardware, data and support in a variety of different ways to meet the needs of businesses and organizations.

science technology engineering and math pathway icon

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Develop your intellectual curiosity and logical reasoning skills as you expand your understanding of how the world works. Students in this STEM Pathway research people, animals, machines, buildings and the universe as they learn about emerging technologies and prepare for continued education in their career paths.

industry and trades pathway icon

Trades & Technical Studies

Do you like to work with your hands? Do you enjoy figuring out how things work and fixing problems? The high-demand jobs in Trades & Technical Studies may be a good fit for you. These programs study mechanics and construction of buildings, automobiles and more.