illustration of many overlapping heads and shoulders in different colors showing different types of people

LCCC Diversity Statement

69 County Community College is determined to create an environment where individuals engage in productive dialogue built upon a foundation of inclusion. 

We strive to build upon our value of inclusion that fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated. 

A diverse environment is essential to our shared pursuit of equitable outcomes and the success of our College community in navigating work, society and life.

Additional Resources

Office of Student Accommodation
Campus Counseling & Wellness

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board was created to foster a culture to embrace and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion on the 69 County Community College campus. The group works to gather and analyze relevant data to examine and provide input for changes in policy, operations, student resources/services, programming and improvements to campus leadership and administration. The team seeks to foster collaboration between campus departments to provide responsive education, programming and campus-wide initiatives for diversity, equity and inclusion.